mólo|Cultural Pavilion Martin

    Architecture within the urban space has the power to attract, to guide or even to change the mood of a person. The goal of MOLO – culture pavilion for Martin is all of these, but most of all to create opportunities, for a community to meet, for people to relax or for a cultural event to be organized. We are opening to public a long neglected site in the town center, building an architectural sculpture and creating a space dedicated to culture all at the same time. The open design of MOLO pavilion gives everybody the freedom to decide on its use, for a small concert, as an alternative theater, for a summer reading or movie screening. By merging a strong, dynamic form with a lighting installation we hope to stimulate or give birth to a range of cultural activities and become the culture node of Martin.

    authors of concept & design
    Michal Riabič; Martin Lepej

    technical documentation
    Martin Lepej

    Milo Fabian